Günter A. Buchwald


Conductor, pianist, violinist and composer Guenter A. Buchwald is one of the founders of the international renaissance of Silent Film. Unanimously acclaimed as a “world class improviser” he belongs to the elite international group of leading film accompanists.

Since his beginning in 1978 he has accompanied more than 2,900 silent films in more than 2,800 film concerts. He is regularly invited as musician in residence to international film festivals such as Bonner Sommerkino, the Giorante de Cinema Muto Pordenone, the British Silent Filmfestival, the Berlinale-Berlin Filmfestival, the Filmfestival Kyoto, the Stummfilmtage Erlangen, and last the San Francisco Silent Film Festival 2013.

He is also Musical Director of the annual Bristol Silents Slapstic Festival and resident conductor of the Freiburg Philharmonic Orchstra for “film in concert”.

Buchwald is a great stylistic virtuoso playing music from baroque to contemporary, from folk to jazz. He is in great demand as a composer as well being a solo film accompanist. He is also half of a musical duo with Neil Brand, as well as being member of the Prima Vista Social Club, his Silent Movie Music Company and Art Director of the European Silent Screen Virtuosi.

Awards for Silent Film Activities
European Economic Council Oberrhein, Cultural Award, 1995
Laureat of the Int. Zelt Musikfestival Freiburg, 2000,
Golden Filmreel, Communal Vinema Ass. Allgäu, 2000
Cultural Award for the City of Freiburg (Reinhold-Schneider) 2012

young-violinist-buchwald Günter in 1963