Silent movies never have been silent

The pianist in the lonely dark, the duo-trio-quartett, the little band or the huge symphonic orchestra -they all had and still have today the job/the duty/the challenge to give a live musical accompaniment which serves the best for the muted actions on the screen.

Günter A. Buchwald is one of the rare number of musical accompanist in the world who devoted his artistic life to this genre as an improvising musician (piano, violin, viola, organ) as well as conductor of various ensembles and orchestras and as composer.

Er arbeitet:

– als Solist mit Klavier, Orgel, Violine und gelegentlich anderen Instrumenten;
– im Duo, Trio, Quartett, Quintett mit Frank Bockius, Neil Brand,
dem Prima Vista Social Club, den European Silent Screen Virtuosi;
– mit seinem Ensemble Silent Movie Music Company;
– als Dirigent großer Sinfonieorchester, Kammerensembles (u.a. mit Giora Feidman, Markus Stockhausen oder Bigbands)
– als Komponist.